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Judul / Keterangan

MINAHASA   [ top ]


ArchipelaGoNorth Sulawesi

  Descriptions of places of interest in the Minahasa

BaKuDaPa dot Com

  A small web site, the meeting point for internet users in Manado

BPS (Badan Pusat Statistik) Provinsi Sulawesi Utara

  Central Bureau of Statistics of North Sulawesi Province

Diving Lembeh Strait with Divers Lodge Lembeh - Minahasa

  About Dive Trips in Lembeh Strait near the Lembeh island in the Minahasa. Also descriptions of Trips in the Minahasa.


  Touristic information of the Minahasa

Harian Komentar

  Daily News from the Minahasa

Home Page of TUMOU TOU

  Articles about the Minahasa

Indahnesia.com - Discover Indonesia Online - Sulawesi

  Information about Sulawesi.

IndonesiaOne.net - North Sulawesi

  Information and statistics about North Sulawesi.

Miniature of Manado

  Personal Web Site of Peter J.M. Nas

Indonesia Photo Gallery - Minahasa

  Photo gallery of Indonesia - Minahasa.

Indonesia Plan Plan - Sulawesi

  Photo gallery of the Minahasa.


  Description of the Minahasa and phtographs collection.


  About the Kolintang, the Indonesian Xylophone from the Minahasa..

Kota Manado

  The Official site for the City of Manado

Kronologi Sejarah Singkat PERMESTA

  History of the Permesta in The Minahasa.

Langowan on The Net

  Information about Langowan.

Manado Post Online

  News and articles from the Manado Post.


  About history, culture, land and life in Minahasa

Minahasa On Dal Net

  IRC Community of young people from the Minahasa, with photos of members

Minahasa Online Journal

  Minahasa community writings.

Minahasa Raya Net

  Provide information about Manado, Bitung and the Minahasa

Minahasa Selatan - Minsel

  Official site of the Government of the South Minahasa Regency


  Government of Minahasa District Website

North Sulawesi

  Provide information about diving, adventure and culture in North Sulawesi

North Sulawesi - Eastern Indonesia Region

  Articles about the Minahasa Regency, touristic objects, infrastructure etc.

North Sulawesi Information Pages

  Information for a trip to North Sulawesi, Gorontalo and the Togian Islands/Central Sulawesi

North Sulawesi Tourism Promotion Board, Indonesia

  Official Website of the North Sulawesi Tourism Promotion Board (NSTPB)

SpanSpan - Portal Gaul Nyong dan Nona Manado

  A portal of young people from Manado

Sulut Pos - Torang pe Koran Online

  The online newspaper for news of Sulut


  Official Website of the Government of North Sulawesi Province

Sulutlink - Media Kawanua Online

  Articles, news and information about the Minahasa.

The Malay Archipelago - The Celebes Group

  Report by Alfred Russel Wallace about his findings in the Minahasa in July 1857

The Minahasa - Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia

  About the environment, history, religion and culture of the Minahasan people, who live on the northeastern peninsula of Sulawesi, in one of the four districts of the province Sulawesi-Utara

The North Sulawesi Trade Agency

  Huge variety of overwhelming products of North Sulawesi for International Trade of Export & Import

TVRI (Televisi Republik Indonesia) Stasiun Sulut dan Gorontalo

  Television station for North Sulawesi and Gorontalo

INDONESIA   [ top ]


Arcengels Homepage

  More than 5000 photos, maps and biographies about Dutch East-Indies

Bali-Indonesia Start Page

  Large collection of Links to Bali web sites.

Begrippenlijst Nederlands-Indië

  Dutch East-Indies Glossaries; with more than 1100 descriptions of entities.

BPS Indonesia Statistics

  Indonesia Statistics per Region.

De VOC Site

  Website containing all information about the Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC).

E-zine Blimbing

  Articles related to Dutch East-Indies and Indonesia for the Dutch East-Indies community.

Francois Valentijn, Oud en Nieuw Oost-Indiën en de VOC

  Arcengel's Collection of articles about the VOC and Dutch East-Indies and Indonesia.

Het verzet tegen de Japanners in Vogelkop

  In memory of the fighters who died in New Guineaduring their resistance against the Japanase

Homepages Indische Stambomen

  Indisch Informatie Punt - Genealogy links to Dutch East-Indies Family Trees in the Netherlands.

Indahnesia.com - Discover Indonesia Online

  Articles, news and photographs about Indonesia.

Indisch Album

  Indonesia Tempo Doeloe, Faded portraits from the former Dutch East-Indies.

Indisch Informatiepunt

  Information about Dutch East-Indies and Indonesian topics.

Indisch Netwerk Non-Java

  Platform voor ontwikkeling van eigentijdse indo-cultuur

Indisch Netwerk

 Stimulate development in a community and the Dutch East-Indies multi-cultural group as a means to develop the Dutch culture.

Indisch Netwerk

 Stimulate development in a community and the Dutch East-Indies multi-cultural group as a means to develop the Dutch culture.

Indische Genealogische Vereniging

  Dutch East-Indies Genealogical Association


  Travel Guides and Photos for Indonesia, per island.


  Website of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

Indonesia Handbook 2000

  Much information about Indonesia by Dr. Willy R. Wirantaprawira

Indonesia Photo Archive

  Photo gallery of Indonesia. This archive is designed to assist in the University of Wisconsin's Indonesian Language learning programs.

Indonesia Photo Gallery

  Photo gallery of Indonesia, grouped per island.

Indonesie de Gordel van Smaragd

  Very nice potographs of Indonesia

Indonesie History and Background

  Good overview of Indonesian History and Background by AsianInfo

Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia Den Haag

  Information dissemination by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in The Hague, Netherlands.

Koninklijke Paketvaart Maatschappij

  Information about the K.P.M., the largest Shipping Company in Asia, with photos

Links in the Netherlands regarding Dutch East-Indies

  Dutch East-Indies Links in the Netherlands

Londoh, Expat in Indonesia

  Articles and photographs about the VOC and Numismatics from the Dutch East-Indies, as well as history of Indonesia.

Nederlandsche Oost-Indische Compagnie

  A select bibliography based on the collections of the National Library of Australia. Asian Collections, National Library of Australia. August 1991.

Network Indonesia

  Web site with a variety of columns i.e. cooking, kris making, culture, art etc. .

Orchids of Indonesia

  Contains articles and photographs of Indonesian Orchids

Permesta Information Online (PIO)

  All Information about Permesta.

Resto Food and Lifestyle

  Website about food and lifestyle in Indonesia with recipies

Sejarah Indonesia

  An Online Timeline of Indonesian History

South East Asia under Japanese Occupation

  Articles about WWII in SE Asia

The Beautiful Indonesia Foundation Site

  Site about Indonesian Culture

The Gallery of Indonesian Songs

  Songs written by Indonesians in Indonesian Language, available in both MIDI and Lyrics

The History of Indonesia

  History of Indonesia from 100 - 1500

The Indonesian Expat Newsletter ( sample Aug.5th 2004 ed.)

  A subscription Newsletter. You can subscribe at the Bartele website

The Indonesian Nature Conservation Database

  This site is dedicated to all protected areas of Indonesia. It not only describes the various National Parks (Taman Nasional), but also the many Nature Reserves (Cagar Alam), Game or Wildlife Reserves (Suaka Margasatwa) and several of the many Recreation Parks (Taman Wisata) in Indonesia.

The Netherlands East Indies 1941-1942

  Dutch East Indies 1941-1942

Tjabé rawit - dé Indische site

  Culture, Stories, Poetry and images about Indonesia

The WIWIK Indonesia Home Page

  Much information for travellers who plan to go to Indonesia as well as interresting facts about Indonesia

VOC 1602 - 2002

  VOC 1602 - 2002 Images and meaning

PRIBADI   [ top ]



  Remco Fortgens´ Travel report and photos of a.o. North Sulawesi Trip.

Back2.nl - Reisverslag Sulawesi

  Travel report and photos of North Sulawesi Trip.

Bodewyn G.O. Talumewo Home Page

  Articles and photographs about the Minahasa and about the Permesta.

Bunaken - Manado - Lambeh Strait

  Travel report and photos Armin und Birgit Trutnau of Bunaken - Manado - Lambeh Strait - German language


  Photographs and articles, some related to Dutch East-Indies

Danau Linow

  Travel report, photos and video clips of Tomohon Area.

Digital Artist

  Yusuf Hashim - Traveler, Photographer and Digital Artist.


  Website for Dutch East-Indies people and those with family ties with the Dutch East-Indies in the Northern part of the Netherlands

DR. G.S.S.J. RATU LANGIE or RATULANGI; Collected links

  A collection of links and biography of Dr. Sam Ratulangi

Een Javaanse Huwelijk

  Description of a Javanese Wedding in a little village, with photographs


  Photo Collection Indonesia and other countries

Frits Droog.- Indonesie

  Photo Collection Indonesia

Historisches aus Manado und aus Batavia

  Historical Documents from Manado and Batavia, Dutch East-Indies.

Homepage Patrick Wouters - Vandaag is morgen gisteren

  Besides articles and text contributions, this site contains links to interesting sites dedicated to Indonesia and former Dutch East-Indies. Title and motto of this web site: Today is yesterday's tomorrow.

Indisch Informatie Punt

  Information about activities for the Dutch East-Indies and Indonesian communities in the Netherlands.

Indonesia Photo Gallery

  Photographs and Travel Stories about Indonesia

Javaanse Huwelijks Rituelen

  Description of Javanese Marriage Rituals

Jennifer's pages About Manado

  Website containing Jennifer's experiences of Manado

Jupiter 39's Home Page

  Johannes L. Mundung, a retired Indonesian Air Force officer's website


  Articles about the author's travels to find the Maleo bird in a.o. the Minahasa.

M&M Beautiful Pictures Site

  Photos and Stories about Indonesia

Reiner Stalvik - Sulawesi Indonesia

  Travel journal through Sulawesi (with photos)

Reisverslagen van de vakanties van Richard

  Travel Reports and photos to all over the world, also Indonesia and Minahasa.

RTW Leg 63

  Travel Report and photos of Manado and Bunaken.


  Jos Komen tells us about his shipping years, also with the K.P.M. on de Swartenhondt..

Selle Sotto Le Stelle

  Ingrid Thijssen and Joost Bolck Travel Report and photos to Sulawesi

Sophia's Wereld - Indonesie Reisverslagen

  Description of Travel Excursions in Sulawesi


  Honzo Celesta's story and photo website about Sulawesi. Czech language.

The Posthume Award to Maria Ratulangi-Tambajong

  This website contains the story of the posthumus award and photographs of Maria Ratulangi, the wife of Dr. Sam RAtulangi

Tomohon et le Pays Minahasa

  Travel Stories and Photos of Tomohon and The Minahasa. French language.

Trailblazing the Sulawesi and Moluccan Seas

  Dive Adventure - Story and photos of a sailing ship excursion.


  A forum created by the Tumbuan name bearers

Vakantie 2003 Indonesie

  Stories plus Photos of trip to Minahasa and Bali

Voyagez autrement ŕ Bali et en Indonésie

  Private site with photos and stories of Indonesia, a.o. Minahasa. French Language

Wahr Family Tree

  The Family Tree web site of the Wahr family, containing over 500 names of individuals, most are well known Minahasa names

LAIN   [ top ]


E-Zine Blimbing

  Magazine for Dutch East-Indies and interested parties

Forum Nederland Indonesia (FNI)

  To promote the development of relationships in areas of business & trade, education & training, and culture.

Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages

  All about spice and spicy food.


  General information about Indonesia events in the Netherlands, amongst other the Pasar Malam etc.

Kamus Elektronik Indonesia (KEBI)

  The Indonesian .Electronic Dictionary, Indonesia-English


  About the Japanese Invasion, Bersiap and a mixture of other Dutch East-Indies items.

Online Catalog of VOC Doits and Half Doits

  A complete and illustrated description of all the known copper doits and half doits struck by order of the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC).

Over Het Wapen Van Indonesie & Meer

  About the Crest of Indonesia and more

Pasar Malam Besar

  The latest news, past and future events of the Pasar Malam in The Hague, The Netherlands


  Search Engine for Indonesia

South East Asia under Japanese Occupation

  Articles about WWII in SE Asia

Spices & the Spice Routes

  About the Spices Islands, Traders and Voyages.

Stichting Arisan

  SARI initiates, stimulates and facilitates activities in the area of Indonesian-Dutch relations and the Dutch East-Indies/Indonesian community in the Netherlands.

Stichting Tong Tong

  A foundation to stimulate Dutch East-Indies culture, and promote knowledge about Dutch East-Indies people and their (cultural-) history

The World Factbook (CIA)

  Reference information for countries


  The Online Reference Source

FORUM   [ top ]


De Indo Magazine's Message Board

  Message board to discuss topics of interest between worldwide friends

Flamingo Party

  Announcements for events and parties in the Netherlands for the Dutch East-Indies and Indonesian community.

Discussie Vraag en Aanbod Indisch Netwerk

  Requests and Supplies of information between Dutch East-Indies descendants.

Forum Diskusi BBP (Sulutlink)

  Discussion Forum for Kawanuas.

Herinneringen aan Indië

  Maillinglist Forum for Dutch East-Indies and Indonesian members.

ICM Online - Indisch Communicatie Media Online

  Forum and daily publications for Dutch East-Indies

Indisch Informatiepunt Mailist

  Very large community forum for Dutch East-Indies and Indonesian members.

Indo Angels

  Maillinglist Forum for Dutch East-Indies and Indonesian members.


  Large maillinglist Forum for the Indonesia Lovers community


  Large Discussion forums about Dutch East-Indies and Indonesia.

Kabar Angin

  Discussion Forum for Dutch East-Indies

Kawanua.org - Kawanua Community Online

  Forum, discussions about the Minahasa (Kawanua)

Onder de Waringin

  Maillinglist Forum for Dutch East-Indies and Indonesian members.

Vrienden van Bali

  Very large maillinglist Forum for the Bali Lovers community


  Discussion forum among kawanuas around the world.

Yayasan Tou Kawanua

  Forum discussions about the Minahasa.

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