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History & Culture Of The Minahasa

By: Jessy Wenas
Translation: Roderick C. Wahr



: Institut Seni Budaya
Sulawesi Utara
: First, April 2007
: 20x28cm
: 181

Cover Kamus Bahasa Daerah Manado-Minahasa
Sejarah Kebudayaan Minahasa
© Institut Seni Budaya Minahasa

Minahasa Art and Culture experienced many changes when the Minahasa entered into the 18th century era of modernization. The writer Dr. Hetty Palm brought forward her analysis that there is no region in Indonesia where its original culture disappeared as quickly as it happened in the Minahasa.
For that reason this writer places the document regarding the Minahasa Art and Culture in the context of the History From Prehistory until Today, in order that the phases of changes will be easier to identify for the Minahasa community.
At first this book was part of the book "Sejarah Maesa" (History of Maesa) an initative of Mrs. Poppy Suhandinata - Tumengkol, which was then corrected by the family of J.A.W.I. (Dolf) Rotinsulu - E.M.L. (Dede) Wenas. Then, as proposed and financed by Benny J. Mamoto and his wife Iyarita W. Mamoto-Mawardi, this work "Sejarah dan Kebudayaan Minahasa" (History and Culture of the Minahasa) was published.
My children, Ingkit, Ina and Nopo as well as my wife Winny, provided me with much motivation to create this document. And for all those who have helped me realize this document I express my thanks by means of this book.

Jessy Wenas (writer). 2007

The writer Jessy Wenas and I both are descendants of Lukas Wenas, walak (see also glossary and The Ancient Minahasa Community) leader who lived from 1808 - 1881. When I was young I lived in the house of opah Herman (Herman Jacob Wenas) (another descendant of Lukas Wenas) and Oma Roos (Rosalia Helena Pande-Iroot) and a few of their grandchildren.
Opa Herman liked to put together the Wenas familytree and this was handed over to one of his sons. Jessy often came to the Wenas family reunions, he liked to listen a lot and wrote down the history of the family and stories of the Minahasa traditions. One of the results is the story about the familytree that was started by Lukas Werwer Wenas which was published by the family J.A.W.I. Rotinsulu - E.M.L. Rotinsulu-Wenas (Son of Opa Herman - Oma Roos).
Jessy's dedication as a son of the Minahasa who wants to depict the province of Northern Sulawesi in his own way, observing and promoting his observations to the masses, is no longer in doubt. We read his writings about living and life of the Minahasa people in the mass media. We also see his involvement as a juror in various cultural aspects of the Minahasa.
The culmination of his observations and his love are poured into this creation titled "Sejarah dan Kebudayaan Minahasa" (History and Culture of the Minahasa) - Notes of a Son of the Region. Therefore this book must be read by as many Minahasa citizens as possible and those who came to lose their heart in the Minahasa region and its citizens. I also hope that this book can get its place in as many libraries as possible, private, public, educational and wherever possible throughout Indonesia...

Drs. Sinyo H. Sarundajang. Governor Northern Sulawesi. 2007

The book History and Culture of the Minahasa, an effort of Jessy Wenas, which is prepared for our honoured readers, symbolizes the materialization of our mutual effort to document as well as continue the culture of our ancestorial legacy. If in the old days the Minahasa people have proven themselves superior in almost every kind of life compared to other general ethnic groups throughout the archipel, which kinds of cultural value preceded it? A number of traditional Minahasa cultural values are very relevant and important to keep alive and be continued by generations today and in future. For example, the cultural value tumani o rumapar (leaving the kampung halaman to open a new field for life and reach a maximum result) which at this moment is more or less embraced with enthousiastic outward looking, which seems to be the required mentality to succeed in this globalisation era. In short, we invite everyone without abandon, whoever we are and from whichever background, let us develop the culture of our region that we love to develop people as well as universal humanity.
I yayat u santi!

Bpk. Benny J. Mamoto

Viewed form a general assumption we must admit that too much has already been destroyed of the legacy of our Minahasa ancestors.
Jessy Wenas tries to fill in the missing links in the Minahasa history.
This very important and strategic document for us human beings, because it is an activity that touches past, we must perceive as our cultural need of this moment.

Benni E. Matindas. Philosopher and Minahasa Cultural Scientist. 2007


This book, Sejarah dan Kebudayaan Minahasa, has already been distributed in Manado and Jakarta.
The retail price in Indonesia per book (excluding cost of shipping) is not yet known.


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