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Dictionary Manado-Indonesia

By: Jan F. Menayang

Cover Kamus Manado-Indonesia

The Manado Malaye language is the lingua franca (popular language) of the inhabitants of the provinces of North and Middle Sulawesi before the separation into the province of North Sulawesi, Gorontalo and Middle Sulawesi. Manado Malay is also practiced in Northern Moluccas, East Kalimantan, Sorong (Papua) specifically in those settlements where there are many people from the Minahasa.
We hope that this dictionary will be used by all those community layers: by the elderly people for nostalgic reasons, for the "Manado Kaart" to refresh their knowledge, for young people to expand their word treasure....

Jan F. Menayang (editor)

Contacts with people arriving from outside has enriched the word treasure of this language, especially from Ternate (ngana, tofore), Portugal (fugado, lenso), Spain (nyora, tuturuga), the Netherlands (mar, boh - bocht)... Japan (kodomo, kokang) and so on.
In the larger cities of Indonesia, today a new generation is present that use the Indonesian language as primary language, including children who are descendants from Northern Sulawesi. For them this dictionary is of course very useful to understand conversations with the elderly who like to use the Manado Malay language....

Prof. DR. Adrian B. Lapian, Historian and Cultural

In the last few years the presence of the "Manado trend" is coming back.... with the appearance of the poco-poco dance that has become a popular national dance as well as the appearance of Manadonese restaurants that increase intercultural communication. Through this intercultural communication other communities will get to know the Minahasa community better. For that reason I think that this Manado Malay language dictionary appears at the right time.

Renville Almatsier, Communications Consultant

I see the Manado Malay Language Dictionary that was compiled by my Father as part of the nations effort to cultivate multiculturalism in Indonesia. The diversity of the culture drives the individual to get to know its culture better and find his innerself. At the same time, the understanding of the individual with a different culture than the Manado culture can improve his intercultural communication through the language and increase the growth of harmony between different ethnic groups in our country. I believe that this Manado Malay Language Dictionary can play a role of one such mosaic in the Indonesian diversity of the culture.

Dr. Victor Menayang, MA, President of the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission, Postgraduate Teacher of Communications at the Universitas Indonesia

This dictionary, Kamus Melayu Manado - Bahasa Indonesia / Bahasa Indonesia - Melayu Manado will be published by mid December 2004, before Christmas.
Retail price in Indonesia Rp 30.000,- per book excluding cost of shipping.


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