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Profile: Jan Frederik Menayang

Jan Frederik Menayang

(Editor of: "Kamus Manado - Indonesia")

Jan Frederik Menayang, hereafter called JFM, was born in Kotamobagu, on 27th January 1928 where JFM finished the H.I.S. The parents of JFM, Pieter A. Menayang and Annie M. Saroinsong came from the village Poopo - South Minahasa. In World War II, in the year 1942 JFM went to school in Nippon Goo Gakkoo and Cuu Gakkoo Manado.Cuu Gakkoo moved from Manado to Tondano and finally to Kotamobagu.After WWII JFM continued his studies in the Tomohon MULO, and then to the Senior High School of Law in Makasar (finished 1952). Followed and received Dipl. (Post Graduate) Soc. Pol., ISS, The Hague (1969 1970).

After finishing the Senior High School of Law in Makasar JFM was placed as the Registrar at the National Court of Medan with the task of studying in the Faculty of Law of the Universitas Indonesia, but JFM could not finalize his study, because as from 1954 JFM continued his career in the oil company Bataafse Petroleum Maatschappij (BPM), that afterwards became P.T. Shell Indonesia and was finally bought by the Indonesian Government, so that this company became PERMINA - PERTAMINA.

JFM began his career in BPM as staff for the Accounting Department from July 1954 and his last two positions in PERTAMINA were Head of the Human Resources Department (for all of Indonesia) and General Manager of the Coordination Board for Foreign Contractors (BKKA).
While in BPM-SHELL-PERMINA- PERTAMINA, JFM was given the opportunity to follow various courses locally and overseas, amongst others Marketing, Bandung (1957), Method Planning Specialist, Plaju (1962), Personnel Administration, Bangkok, Thailand (1965), Senior Hospital Administrator, London, England (1974), General Management, Henley-on-Thames, England (1978), SUSPI OIL AND GAS, Jakarta (1979), P-4, Taman Mini Indonesia (1980) and many others. JFM followed and finished Graduate Senior Bible School, Los Angeles, USA through correspondence courses in 1952.

JFM was pensioned from PERTAMINA from the year 1985.JFM held the position of Director at PT Patra Supplies & Services (1981-1984). From 1984-1988 JFM worked in ASAMERA OIL Companies in Indonesia as Vice President Administration. From 1988 to 2000 JFM became Director and Senior Consultant at PT Srimaju Agung and PT Lautan Jaya Kumala in Jakarta.
Informal positions that JFM once held in Government were as member of: the Committee of Manpower for OIL AND GAS; Committe of DIKLAT MIGAS; the (ad hoc) Committee for Determination of Working Hours and Calculation of Overtime for Manpower for OIL AND GAS offshore and at Isolated Places; the (ad hoc) Committee for the Keppres Review for Foreign Manpower; the Secretary of the Consortium DIKLAT PERTAMINA & Foreign Oil Contractors.
JFM had the opportunity to follow various conferences & seminars locally and overseas, a.o. ILO, Geneve, Swiss and the Philippine Hospital Association, Manila, Philippines.
Membership of the International bodies: The International Federation of Hospitals, London, England; Greenland Association, Henley-on-Thames, England; the Alumnus Association Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, Netherlands.
JFM was chosen as Chairman and adviser of various foundations and family associations, member of the Counsil of Managers for the KKK Centre, Jakarta; and various Ecclesiastical positions.

Books and magazines written:

  • "Role of Women in Industry", Bangkok, Thailand 1965;
  • "Socio-cultural Factors Affecting the Enterprise", The Hague, Netherlands 1969;
  • "The Case of India and Zambia (Comparative Study)", The Hague, Netherlands 1970;
  • "Decentralization of Personnel Management", The Hague, Netherlands 1970;
  • "The Changing Environment International Perspectives", Henley-on-Thames, England 1978;
  • "Management of Resources Marketing", Henley-on-Thames, England, 1978;
  • "Perencanaan, Penempatan dan Pengembangan Personalia", Jakarta 1979;
  • "Penilaian Hasil Kerja", Jakarta 1979;
  • "Permasalahan 'Redundant' dan 'Pensiunan' Karyawan PERTAMINA", SUSPI MIGAS Tingkat I Angkatan Pertama, Jakarta 7 Juli 1979;
  • "Sejauh Mana Pelaksanaan P-4 Dapat Dipergunakan Sebagai Dasar Penilaian/Konduite Kepegawaian", TMII, Jakarta 1979;
  • "Masyarakat di Sekitar Daerah Operasi Minyak Bumi", Yogyakarta, 1982;
  • "Kisah Pengalaman Nyata Masa Pensiun", Jakarta 1994;
  • "Menjadi Seorang Ayah Yang Dicintai Keluarga", Jakarta 2001.

Linguistic capabilities and language control:
examiner Dutch language, Certified Correspondence ChiefEnglish, Certified Correspondence Chief Indonesian;
Active in Indonesian, English, Dutch, Japanese, and of course Manado Malay;
Passive in German, French.

While in service, courses, seminars, conferences and on holiday Jan Frederik Menayang visited over 40 countries.


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